Leaving São Paulo, the video

While the editing process of video / film is often used to speed up the time perspective in relation to a particular storyline (basically, the story has to be told within the standard ninety minutes), the editing of Leaving São Paulo offers the viewer chances to meditate upon the irony of travel deadlines and the meaning of cultural exposure during a very condensed journey.

Scribbled notes have been organized by date and interspaced over 20 minutes of running time. The footage has been significantly slowed to allow the viewer time and space to take in more than could be experienced in a real time taxi ride from downtown São Paulo to the airport. Color treatment references both the exotic visual cityscape and retrospective travel postcards available in downtown newsstands. The slowed musical score becomes a meditative drone.

Leaving São Paulo, the fotonovella

Laying out photo stills from the video with the texts overtop is another way of slowing the passage of time. It permits the opportunity to savor the words and images.

July 19, 2016